In a mine, several feet underground, it is pertinent that all facets of the operation work to the best of their ability ensuring efficiency, productivity and safety. MVI proudly keeps customer mines running smoothly and purposefully through trouble shooting, system monitoring, failure analysis and customer support.


Initially, we entered water treatment as part of our support to the mining industry. Mine waste water must be treated to ensure that it can be safely discharged to the streams. This is a grave responsibility requiring that MVI be very thorough when designing and implementing the electrical power and controls that run the treatment equipment. Recently, we have expanded our water treatment services to include: potable water, sewage treatment and process water specific to our chemical industry Owner / Clients.


MVI is in the center of the Marcellus and Utica shale formations. West Virginia, traditionally, has always been an oil and natural gas producer. Newer technologies have opened the very deep formations. High pressures and high flow rates demand highly specialized and safe equipment. MVI is actively working with Owner / Clients tapping and transporting this valuable natural resource. As all systems that MVI designs and installs, safety and efficiency are paramount.


We have significant experience with instrumentation and process control related to our core industries. Those techniques are directly applicable to the chemical industry. MVI stands ready to assist the Owner / Client in applying our knowledge to your specific needs.


MVI has formed The MVI Motion Group. These engineers have broad experience with coordinated motor and motion control applications. Coupled with our experience from our core industries, MVI is confident we can assist the Owner / Client in a manufacturing setting.