At MVI, we believe that a great plan is the secret to success. Our process begins with a consultation with you (the Owner / Client).  This is where we take the time to understand your current application and/or problem and arrive at a desired solution. Sometimes this means visiting the site and observing the system in operation to best advise the design and customization. Our skilled engineers will work with you to design the best solution that is specific to your application. Following an approved design, MVI’s field technicians will begin installation per an agreed upon schedule that mitigates disruptions to the current production schedule. Once installed and thoroughly tested, our technicians will commission the new, retrofit or upgraded system. After successful commissioning, the system is ready to operate and improve. MVI, as your partner, has your best interest in mind and will continue to recommend system retrofits and/or upgrades as technology advances. The completed system is well documented and a copy is provided to you for reference.